My first game in the NBA2K series was NBA 2K5. So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to look back at the old NBA2K games and find some old facts that you might be interested in. So this is my article on the top five facts about NBA2K.

NBA2K All game series NBA2K Evolution

The first edition of NBA 2K here was released in 1999 on the Sega Dreamcast. NBA2K at this time was a Sega exclusive with all the other councils getting NBA Live. Without this game, NBA2K 20 would not have been a thing and this game paved the way for what we think of NBA2K that we currently play today.

NBA2K Online

The NBA2K franchise changed drastically between the first game and the second game. At first didn’t have online multiplayer, NBA2K1 changed this. They added the online multiplayer that everyone had been wanting, so you could play against your friends with your favorite NBA team.

NBA2K1 Game evolution About NBA2K1

They also added the NBA street ball mode, which means you could play with any of your favorite NBA players on any of the most famous street ball courts. You could probably most compatibly compare this to the NBA black tie mode. We play currently in NBA 2K20.

Number 6 of NBA 2K we have for the Xbox and PlayStation this was when the NBA 2K grade took the jump into next gen console with NBA 2K6 Jack was a cover athlete this year and the graphical improvement of this game was, it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The games played amazing flavor beans and it really took to the next level player control.

Did you know in two NBA 2K added a DLC game mode. They added horse into the game, which you could use any legend or any NBA player that you wanted to game a horse with any other NBA player. The game was multiplayer and he could play with your friends. This was a one year time thing and they didn’t add anything to any other game after this.


That’s it personally was one of my favorite game owns and I did buy it and I really enjoyed it.

Graphical improvement

Number one isn’t as much a fact that you wouldn’t know, but this just has to be one number one and to gain 14 NBA, what the addition of NBA to gate 14 onto the Xbox one and PS4. This is just too good. Not to put number one as the graphical improvement into the game.

We’re just stellar. The game looks amazing. As you can see, every player model looks amazing and it just has to go on. Number one, this was honestly one of my favorite, my career games, and she gave 14 was one of my favorite games. It wasn’t as good online, but then my carreer and the player models were just amazing.

So that was my top five facts about NBA 2K. Franchise. I hope you guys enjoy this article.

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